Ever since few years ago when I was a student I was wondering of owning a bike which was not affordable by me. I desperately needed a bike , but my biggest question was how to have a bike????!!! When i started thinking about this I came to know, this was the common problem which was faced by many people like me, later on I thought of finding out a solution for this common problem. Then when I discussed about this with my friends and then finally we came out with an idea of renting a bike which we felt will give a solution for the above discussed problems.
We decided to start up a bike renting organization , but when we started working on this, we came to know that it was not an easy job. As we were the starters we faced many issues like Financial support, Documentation procedure, Technical support etc.,
After 1 year of our hard work, we overcame with all the above obstacles, now we are here starting “ 5 SPEED ”
5 SPEED is a Government Authorized and RTO approved bike rental organization where we lend our bikes on rental basis. We have variants of bikes like Motorcycles and Mopeds.
The main Motto of “ 5 SPEED ” is to provide good service at affordable price range there by satisfying our customers. We hope our “ 5 SPEED ” will reach customers expectations and here after no one will face the problems which one of us faced.